Skin Care Routine


This is my first post on this blog. I hope you all are doing great.  Mumbai summers had been really hot.  Finally monsoon is here. In this post, I am so excited to share my skin care routine with all of you. For me, summer was all about sweat,  oily skin,  break outs and what not and monsoon is more about humidity. I have to be very particular about  my skin care. Depending upon the climate,  my skin type changes from combination to oily and my skin is acne prone. I use variety of products but I see to it I pick up the nature based or ayurveda based products for my skin. I follow day and night routine for my skin.

The basic skin care routine is all about CTM i.e. Cleaning, Toning and Moisturizing.

Skin care routine

During day care I use 3 products for CTM. It usually takes 8-10 mins to complete this routine.

  1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash 250 ml for INR 695: I use this face wash in the morning. This face wash is very gentle and effective. It does clear the blemishes and prevents breakout. It is pricey but you get good amount of product in this price. One of the best from The Body Shop.
  2. Divya Gulaab Jal 120 ml for INR 25: I use this as a toner after washing my face. It is pure rose water. Easily available in any Patanjali store. This product keeps my face hydrated and sets my face to use make-up. It is very economical and works wonders.
  3. Aroma Treasure Aloe Vera Gel 250 gms * 2 for INR 192: I use this for moisturizing my face. It’s a multipurpose product. You can use it on face, body and hair. Since I have acnes, it helps me to reduce its redness and it heals the acne scars on my face. This is in gel form, very light in weight and can be used on any skin type.

For night care, I use different set of products and I give good time for my skin to heal.

Firstly, I remove all my make-up using Johnson’s baby oil (100 ml for INR 100) and massage my face for 3-5 mins. After this , I proceed to my night CTM.

  1. Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash 100 ml for INR 349: I was introduced to this product by Fabbag. The day I tried this, I was sure that I am going to buy the full size product. This face wash is gel based with small green globules and has strong lemon citrusy aroma. As soon as I apply this, my face starts getting cool because of menthol content in it and it takes you to a face spa experience leaving you fresh , clean and happy.
  2.  Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face & Body Scrub 200 gms for INR 900: I use this product twice a week for removal of dead skin. This scrub is very gentle and it has foaming texture. I love it’s fragrance . I have been using sample size (20-30 gms) since 2 months and haven’t finished it yet. Since it has foaming texture, little goes a long way.
  3.  VLCC Clear Tan Fruits Face Pack 100 gms for INR 225: I use this product twice a week after using the scrub. This product reduces the tan within 3-4 uses.
  4. Just Herbs Elixir Facial Serum 15 ml for INR 985: This is pricey but completely natural. I just take 1-2 drops , rub it on my palms and dab it on my face. Serums works in the inner layers of the skin . After using this, I apply Aroma Treasure Aloe Gel.

Finally, I am done with my skin care routine.

Thank-you for reading. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and it helped you in some way. Any suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome.

Keep yourself happy and spread happiness around.

So, this is Kinjal Chandaria signing off for now!

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