DIY – Friendship Day Special!!


We have just entered the weekend zone. Today’s post is about The Friendship Day. This Sunday we have good reason to meet our friends and celebrate one more weekend like we do on every other weekend.  This post is dedicated to all my friends. Every year we used to tie friendship bands, write with markers on hands and tees , it was so much fun(school and college days).This year, I thought of making my friends feel special by making hand-made greeting cards and writing special message for them. And of course, wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day! 🙂

Hand-made Greeting Cards!
Hand-made Greeting Cards!


Card paper, Glitter foam paper, Colored printing paper,3D glitter liner, Glue, Scissors, Marker, Sketch Pen, Pencil, Scale, Eraser, Washi paper tape.  (All the materials are easily available is stationary store.)


Time Required:
20-30 mins ( I took 40 mins to make 2 greeting cards.)


  1. Neatly measure with the scale and cut the card paper of desired size.
  2. On the back side of the glitter paper, draw hearts with a marker and cut them with a pair of scissors.
  3. Take a colored printing paper , draw hearts with a pencil and cut them with a pair of scissors. (It is not feasible to write anything on glitter paper that’s why we are using colored paper.)Hearts
  4. Take the card and stick the washi tape on all the borders or in L shape.
  5. Write short nicknames, messages or anything you like for your friend on the colored printing paper hearts with a sketch pen.
  6. Arrange all the hearts as you like. If you are satisfied with the heart arrangement then stick all the hearts with glue. (I did balloon arrangement.)
  7. With 3D glitter liner, draw the strings of the balloons and outline the colored paper hearts to make it more appealing and allow it to dry for 20-30 mins.
  8. Once the 3D glitter has dried, you can write personalized message for your friend inside the card.
    Finish2 Finish1

Voila! We are done!

I hope you enjoyed making this card for  your friends. Make these cards for your friends and make them feel special and I am sure they would love them!

If you liked my post, share it with your friends.

Keep smiling and enjoy your weekend.

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