Rakhi Making For Raksha Bandhan – Made With Love!

Hey Everyone,

It’s another weekend! I hope you all are doing great. Today, I thought of sharing easy rakhi making ideas with all of you. Wondering what is rakhi?! On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a sister ties rakhi on her brother’s wrist. This festival is celebrated in India. Raksha Bandhan is a festival where the siblings celebrate the bond of affection and they pray for each other’s good health and wealth. Rakhi is a sacred thread , a promise of doing Raksha (protecting).
So, lets get into the preparations of how to make rakhis. The ideas which I am talking about are very easy and less time consuming. I am sure, you guys would love making this and tying an unique Rakhi on your brother’s wrist.

Time Required : 30-40 mins (I made 5 rakhis in 40 mins.)

Materials Required: Cardboard, Scissors, Pen, Glue, Glue Gun, Ribbons, Woolen Threads, Sequins,Paper Quilling Pen, Paper Quilling Stripes, Nail Paint, Chocolate Wrapping Paper, Wrapping Wire, Taazos or Puffy Cartoon Stickers.



Type 1: Cartoon Rakhi

  1. Cut the cardboard into a small circle shape and paint it with nail polish.
  2. Take a chocolate wrapping paper, make a fan fold shape and cut the length of the paper as required and secure it with chocolate wrapping wire.
  3. Take a taazo or a cartoon puffy sticker and cut the cartoon as required.
  4. Take a ribbon, place the small circle , place the fan fold wrapper on the circle and place the cartoon on the center of the fan fold .
  5. If the arrangement appears good, stick everything together as per the arrangement with a glue gun.

Type 2 and 3: Sequin and Paper Quilling Rakhis

  1.   Cut the cardboard into a small circle shape and paint it with nail polish.
  2. Take the sequins and arrange on the cardboard circle, if it appears good stick the arrangement with the glue.
  3. For paper quilling, use the quilling pen and make 6 circular coils (5 of same color and 1 of contrast color).
  4. Make 5 tear drop shapes by pinching the circles and arrange them on triangular cardboard.
  5. After arranging, stick coils in half flower shape and stick contrast colored sequins on the petals.
  6. Take 6 equal strands on woolen thread and taking 2 strands, do the regular braid.
  7. Taking ribbons and braided woolen thread, stick all the decorated cardboard shapes in the center with the glue gun.

Woah! We’re done making beautiful rakhis!

Easy DIY Rakhis!
I hope you guys liked these ideas. That’s it for today. Next post is going to be about the Makeup Look for Raksha Bandhan. If you liked this post, please follow my blog for more interesting posts. You guys can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @kreativkudi.

Keep smiling and stay happy. 🙂


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