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Hi Friends,

How are you guys doing? The festive season has just began , so is the cleaning season. Today, I am going to talk about wonderful multi surface cleaner cream. I am a lover of bags and shoes and monsoon season take its toll on my bags and shoes. Once, I had gone shopping and I saw a seller cleaning the bags with something and the bag turned out to be so clean and shiny. I asked him about it and then he told me that he was using some multi surface cream. Finally, after searching I did find it. I would be giving  a short review, my usage of the cream and the process with few pictures.

Please Note: Not suitable for cloth/canvas bags or material. Please do a patch test before trying on the entire surface.

Name: MIN Multi Surface Cream.
Quantity: 95 grams.
Price: INR 60.
Claims: Cleans, protects and provides dazzling shine on all polished wood, metal and plastic surface.
Available at: Any hardware store.

My review:

In one word, I would describe this cream as “BEAUTIFIER” . I was completely amazed with how it works. I am a person who doesn’t like investing too much time in cleaning activities but I don’t even like unclean things. I like products which are easy to use, time saver and does the work hassle free. I had brought this cream to clean my bags, wallets and clutches. It did a great job. The cream comes in metallic bottle and has a smell of some sort of insecticide or so. The ingredients aren’t mentioned but container should be kept away from fire and out of reach of children. Taking a small quantity, start rubbing the surface before the cream dries off. It cleanses the dirt and polishes the surface very well.

My usage:

I clean my Bags , Wallets , Smartphone Screen, LCD screens of TV and laptop, Mirrors, Sliding Glass Windows, Telephone, Furniture, Shoes (depending on the material).

How I clean my bags and wallets?

I require a used tooth brush, dust bag cloth/ micro-fiber cloth / soft cloth and the MIN cream.

Materials Required.
Materials Required.

I recommend using dust bag cloth.
Taking a tooth brush , clean all the stitched borders of the bags where all the dirt accumulates.

Dust in the stitched borders.
Dust in the stitched borders.


Cleaning with the tooth brush.
Cleaning with the tooth brush.

After cleaning with the brush, take a small amount of cream on the cloth and start rubbing the stitched borders of the bag. (Cleaning the borders first is recommended)

MIN Cream.
MIN Cream.

Then clean the rest of your bag same way. It took me 5-8 mins to clean my entire handbag. It works best on PU material.

Dirt on the dust bag paper after cleaning with the cream.
Dirt on the dust bag paper after cleaning with the cream.


The finished results.
The finished results.

Guys can even clean their belts and wallets with this cream. I have tested on my brother’s wallet.

Store your bags in cool and dry place.
If there is too much of humidity, fungi starts forming up on the surface so keep your bags in open to dry completely.
Store your bags in dust bags.
In the bag storage container, keep good amount of space for each bag . Don’t over crowd the container.

Ratings: 4.8/5.

Recommendation: I would definitely recommend using it since its easy on pockets and does what it claims.

I hope you guys liked this article. Let me know how it worked for you guys. That’s it for today. If you liked this post, please follow my blog for more interesting posts and keep sharing my articles if you find it useful. You guys can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @kreativkudi.

Keep smiling and stay happy. 🙂



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