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Do It Yourself Pedicure At Home.

Hi friends,

I hope you guys are doing great. It’s a season of weddings and parties where everyone wants pretty and perfect legs. My today’s post is about DIY Pedicure at home. I don’t always have time to rush to salon for pedicure. Since it’s winter, my skin turns dry and requires special care.  I’ll be talking about how I take care of my legs and dryness. I am not a professional so  my method may not be correct but I love the end results. Let’s get started.

Requirements: Nail cutter, filer, cuticle tool, brush, body wash, scrub, massage cream, baby oil, moisturiser, hot water tub with some sea salt, nail paint and towel. 

Time Required: 30-40 mins(depends on the speed).


  1. Using a nail cutter, cut your nails according to your requirement.
  2. File your nails ( I normally go for round shape).
  3. Apply baby oil or any cuticle cream to nails to soften the cuticles. I use Johnson’s baby oil.
  4. Now, soak your legs in hot water for 5 mins.
  5. Take a brush, pour some body wash on the brush and start brushing your feet. I use Kronocare Ginger Shower Gel ( I brushed my feet till ankle). Now soak again and remove the excess body wash.
  6. Take a small spoonful of scrub and massageyour feet. I use Spa Ceylon Cooling Mint Foot Scrub. Scrub in circular motion for 5-10 mins.
  7. Wash off the scrub. Pat dry the legs with towel. 
  8. Using a filer, scrub the heels if it has any dead skin.
  9. Using a cuticle tool, push the skin behind and using the ends, remove the dirt around the nails.
  10. Clean your legs and use a massage cream to massage your legs. I use Votre Hand and Foot Massage Cream. I massage for 10 mins.
  11. Now, be ready to apply your favourite nail paint. Let the nail paint dry completely.

Normally , I do Pedicure in the evening or at night. There is an additional step which I do to keep dryness away. After my nail paint has completely dried, I apply thick layer of Cocoa Butter based moisturiser on my feet and wear my socks. Cocoa butter has great dryness healing properties. Socks provide warmth to my feet to keep it soft and hydrated. This can be done everyday before going to sleep. I use Palmer’s body lotion or else Vaseline Lotion is Cocoa butter variant. This pedicure can be done once in 2 weeks.

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This is Kinjal Chandaria, signing off for now.

Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!


2 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Pedicure At Home.

  1. I really loved this pedicure procedure. This is very much helpful for me coz I stay at a place where there is winter for almost 8 mnths of the yr. Even I prefer to do it in d evening or at night…so its better at home. I also have company 😉 mom.
    Thank you very much Kinjal 😘


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